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Rapeseed specification

Requirements for the quality of rapeseed (seeds)

Seeds are assessed in accordance with the standards listed in the table below. The seeds have to meet the requirements of: STN 46 2300-1, STN 46 2300-2 and EN 161010.

Humidity and volatile substances, by weight % maximum 8,0
Oil content at 8% moisture content, by weight % minimum 42,0
Germinated and damaged seeds, by weight % maximum 2,0
Material contamination, by weight % maximum 2,0
The content of erucic acid in oil, by weight % (in relation to the total amount of fatty acids) a) najviac 2,0
b) od 2,1 do 5,0
The acid number of the oil, in mg KOH/g of oil, maximum or acidity of the oil as oleic acid, by weight % maximum 1,8

Seeds have to look healthy, ripe, with a typical brown color, cannot contain alive rapeseed pests at any stage of development and should have a specific natural smell.

Seeds have to meet the health requirements according to STN 46 2300-1, cannot also contain the mold and moldy grains.