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Specification of rapeseed oil

Raw rapeseed oil as the main pressing product is produced by a cold pressing method. This method of pressing helps to obtain the unique character of the obtained product (specification according to the table).

The quality of raw rapeseed oil

Parameter Unit Value Method
Density (15°C) Kg/m³ 900-930 DIN EN ISO 12185
Flash point P.-M. °C 324 DIN EN ISO 2719
Kinematic viscosity (40°C) mm²/s max. 36,0 DIN EN ISO 3104
Calorific value MJ/kg max. 36 DIN 51 900-2
Peroxide content mmol O/kg max. 10 DIN EN ISO 3960
Iodine number g Jod/100g 95-125 DIN EN 14111
Sulphur content mg/kg max. 10 DIN EN ISO 20884
Contamination mg/kg max. 24 DIN EN 12662
Acid number mg KOH/g max. 1,2 DIN EN 14104
Oxidation stability (110°C) h min. 6,0 DIN EN 14112
Phosphorus content mg/kg max. 12 DIN EN 14107
Alkali metals content (Ca + Mg) mg/kg max. 20 DIN EN 14538
Ash content % (m/m) max. 0,01 DIN EN ISO 6245
Water content K.-F. mg/kg max. 950 DIN EN ISO 12937

The production capacity of the station is 9000 tons of crude rapeseed oil per year. Monthly production represents 750 tons of crude rapeseed oil.

The quality of the produced crude rapeseed oil in accordance to the table varies depending on the quality of the rapeseed being delivered in the form of seeds.