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Rapeseed Cake

During rapeseed oil production, the second emerging product is rapeseed cake.
A characteristic feature of rapeseed cake is its use as a feed or biofuel used for the purpose of combustion as well as an alternative raw material in biogas plants.

Specification of cold-pressed rapeseed cake:

Parameter Method A/N Result Unit Limit U
Crude protein ŠPP 2.2.12 A 30,25 % ±5,3%
Fat ŠPP 1.4.03 A 11,09 % ±9%
Dry mass ŠPP 1.4.11 A 91,94 % ±6%
Crude fiber ŠPP 1.4.08 A 12,84 % ±13%
Salmonella sp. v 25 g STN EN ISO A Not present